Online Auctions Explained

How to: Online Automotive Auctions

The platforms where enthusiast and collector automobiles are found these days are changing dramatically; we’re talking about online auctions and we can help! Auctions are replacing the old school classified models we’re all used to. These online auctions are specifically designed to connect buyers and sellers in an enthusiast vehicle marketplace, and by doing so they attract both high-quality vehicles AND high-quality buyers and sellers …no more worrying if the right people will see your listing. You just have to know where to post your listing! So let us help you list or buy on an online auction. We’ve been doing it for a while!

The Online Auction Process

The online auction industry has matured substantially compared to where it started and we’re seeing a new level of standardization across popular platforms which are benefiting the consumer. It’s now easy, fun, and safe if you know who to rely on. With this standardization has come transparency and accountability, which buyers and sellers need to gain confidence in the auction space. So, how does an auction work and how can we help you sell your vehicle on an auction? Here’s how…


We Make it Easier

We provide:
  • Professional comprehensive photo gallery of between 100 & 200 images including interior, exterior, unique detail shots, undercarriage, and documentation
  • A video outlining the vehicle is in good running condition with vehicle descriptions and driving experience
  • Extensive vehicle market research and gathering of documents (receipts, service, manuals, certificate of authenticity, etc)
  • Carfax report included
  • The vehicle is professionally detailed in house by us at LUXE Automotive
  • Vehicles in the auction are kept in our showroom for any local parties wanting to see the vehicle
  • We actively answer and monitor any comments or questions bidders may have
  • Proofread listing draft to verify the vehicle is accurately portrayed
  • Complete title and paperwork after the sale
  • Arrange vehicle transport after the sale
  • Provide you with sale funds

You’re probably thinking, “this sounds easy, why doesn’t everyone sell their vehicles on these sites?” Online auctions sites do their best to make the process as seamless as possible for both parties. However, the process is still tedious, time-consuming, and a lot of work to properly represent a vehicle, especially a boutique collectible one. Let us help you sell your vehicle. We have years of experience selling vehicles using online auctions and have many success stories.


Consignment with LUXE Automotive Sales

At LUXE Automotive Sales, we understand it can be hard letting go of your vehicle. We ensure it remains a positive transaction by crafting a bespoke strategy that produces maximized results. Whether you have one car or a complete collection, we have the capacity and experience to handle your requirements.

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