We understand how to care for cars and people.

LUXE is dedicated to our customers. There is no job too big, or task to small that LUXE won’t do. It is because of you, we are the leading auto detailer in Utah. You are our first priority when we wakeup, and our last thought before we go to sleep, or at least your car is.

“Cougar and his team are unbelievable professionals. We were introduced to them through a number of automobile enthusiast, and we’ve never been disappointed. They’ve done work on all our vehicles on an annual basis, but have provided an extra measure of effort (and results ) on an older Viper and an SRT-10 (Viper Truck). The paint on one of the vehicles was full of spider webs—-Cougar and team had both vehicles looking showroom new. In addition, they went the extra mile to find new paint treatment, as well as brake covers that matched the look we were going for. They went above and beyond…..and they ALWAYS get superior results for our vehicles, and for those of our friends.”


“LUXE maintains the paint condition on my Mercedes in a way that I cannot describe. Their work is impeccable, and I always feel like their most important client (although my vehicle is miles from the nicest one they work on). I receive compliments on my car’s shine and paint condition on a nearly daily basis — people cannot believe my AMG is over 10 years old. I owe this all to LUXE and their team. Their processes are cutting edge, and they use the very finest materials and products in the market. They are always prompt and take the utmost care with the vehicles in their possession. True “white-glove” service. When it comes to auto detailing in the Salt Lake area, there is simply no one better in the game today. I recommend LUXE to all my own clients, friends, and other auto enthusiasts, without reservation.”


“I purchased a used vehicle and had the privilege of having LUXE auto spa restore it to showroom condition. They performed a complete detail, painted my calipers, rotors, underbody, full paint correction and finished it off with Opti Coat pro paint treatment. It has been about 18 months now and my vehicle still looks amazing. The Opti Coat has stood up to the harsh winter conditions and the water still beads up and slips off of the surface with every car wash. These guys offer a premium service for a very fair price. I have never been more impressed with the final product of a detail, it was worth every penny.”


“I was referred to Luxe Auto Spa through several auto enthusiast friends. I had my BMW M3 detailed, which included engine bay, interior and paint correction in preparation for an Opti-Coat application. The results were amazing and we were so impressed with the service that we had our new Mini Countryman Opti-Coated as well. We have received excellent customer service from the staff at Luxe Auto Spa. If the results aren’t up to the customer’s satisfaction, it is redone. That will never be a problem with Luxe work because of the dedication the staff has towards prepping, and detailing all makes and models of vehicles. No job is too small or too large and there are services that are available in addition to detailing, there isn’t anything that Luxe cannot do. I highly recommend anyone wanting to have their vehicle handled with care, while receiving the highest service level possible, visit Luxe Auto Spa and see the proof for themselves.”


“Cougar and his team take care of all of my vehicles. I’ve had three vehicles go through the entire process of preparing and correcting the paint for OptiCoat and one with Modesta. This is a labor intensive process, however, the results are well worth the finished product. The paint is protected after this process, and the shine is sealed in, even white cars look incredible. Their attention to detail is fantastic, I’ve had my calipers and hubs painted by them, well worth the price not to see rusty hubs and calipers! A more recent innovation is the coating of wheels with Modesta or OptiCoat, I would recommend this to anyone as brake dust has a hard time sticking to your expensive wheels after this treatment. The paint and wheel coating products make washing your car simple, everything beads off of the car and you get the job done in half the time. 5 Star recommendation from me!”