Paint & Iron Decontamination | $100+

Removing environmental contaminants such as pollen, tree sap, tar, paint overspray and iron deposits.

Glass Coatings | Windshield Only $100 | Windshield & 5 Windows $250

A hydrophobic nano coating that will repel water to improve visibility and reduce glare. With this amazing addition to your vehicles glass, you will find that you will be using your wipers much less. We take it one step further with our glass coating and not only decontaminate, but polish your glass to improve bonding to help ensure optimal lifespan of the coating.

Modesta BC06 | Wheels, Faces & Barrels $600 | Wheels, Faces Only $250 | Hubs & Calipers $150*

Tired of all that tough to remove brake dust? With our Modesta BC-06 wheel coating, not only will your wheels stay cleaner longer, but your wheels will be much easier to maintain. All excess wheel weight tape is removed and surfaces are decontaminated and polished to ensure proper bonding. Modesta BC-06 is a hard glass coating with a tightly packed molecular structure that is specifically formulated for high temperatures to create a long-lasting surface. This particular coating can withstand heat up to 2,372° F.

Modesta LPS | $250+

The Modesta Leather Protection System delivers exceptional protection to all leather and leather like surfaces in interiors of motor vehicles. This two-component system is the only coating in the market that protects the precious surfaces from both penetration by liquids and dirt as well as abrasion.

Paintless Dent Repair | $60+

Removing minor dents, dings and creases without repainting or harming your vehicles original finish.