Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film

At LUXE Automotive, we believe that protection doesn’t have to compromise the aesthetics of your vehicle. As the Preferred Installer for SLC Motorcars – Lamborghini | Bentley | Lotus | Pininfarina, our reputation speaks to our commitment to excellence. Paint Protection Film, commonly referred to as Clear Bra, is an essential asset in maintaining the pristine condition of luxury vehicles. We take a craftsman-style approach to our installations, ensuring a seamless, custom fit tailored to your vehicle and the way you drive it.

Proudly recognized as XPEL’s Utah Dealer of the Year since 2019, we offer the pinnacle of automotive protection films. Xpel’s Paint Protection Film defends against damage from rock chips, road debris, scuffs, and light scratches. This industry-leading film boasts a proprietary, scratch-resistant, and self-healing top coat, minimizing unsightly swirls. With a 10-year manufacturer warranty, you can trust this film to endure without yellowing, discoloring, peeling, cracking, or hazing.

Types of Paint Protection Film

Gloss PPF

A truly invisible solution to protect your vehicle from the wear and tear of driving. Xpel’s Ultimate and Ultimate Plus films will stand up to the test without diminishing the beauty of your vehicle’s natural glossy finish. Gone are the days of partial-panel installations and ugly yellow films. Protect your prized possession and look good while doing it.

Stealth PPF

Looking to protect your factory satin-finish paint or perhaps a transformation to your vehicle’s glossy finish? Xpel’s Stealth PPF is the perfect solution to keep your satin and matte-finish paint protected, without changing that sleek finish. Want the stealth look without paying for the pricey dealer option? Stealth film can transform your car’s finish from glossy to satin, all-the-while protecting your original paint and enhancing your vehicle’s presence on the road. 

Fashion PPF

The future of protective films is here and it looks incredible. Fashion films are a new and bold way to provide an unparalleled level of protection while also making a statement. Choose from a range of patterns and colors, including: gloss carbon fiber, satin carbon fiber, gloss black, or a range of bright and vibrant colors. Combine fashion films with traditional protective films to add tasteful accents to your vehicle.

Paint Protection Film Installation Types

Standard PPF Installation Price Guide

Full Front End: Starting at $1,550
Full Vehicle: Starting at $5,500

Superior protection doesn’t have to break the bank. Our Standard installation style is the perfect choice for those who want to protect their vehicle while working with a budget. Benefit from comprehensive full-panel coverage thanks to precise pre-cut film patterns tailored to your vehicle, without needing to disassemble your vehicle or remove emblems. Looking for maximum coverage and seamless edge protection? Check out our Advanced installation style.

Advanced PPF Installation Price Guide

Full Front End: Starting at $1,850
Full Vehicle: Starting at $8,750

Our Advanced installation style resets the expectations for what to expect from a craftsman-style install. The best protection is protection that is invisible to even the trained eye. If you have a strong attention to detail and appreciate a truly seamless installation, an Advanced installation is the bare minimum you expect. Our Advanced installations include:

  • XPEL Ultimate Plus film
  • Removal of emblems, vents, and other trims followed by replacement upon completion
  • Tailored and customized patterns to ensure accurate alignment and extension of edges for maximum, seamless coverage.

Custom PPF Installation Price Guide

For accurate pricing, please visit LUXE Automotive for an in-person consultation.

Do you have a custom or vintage vehicle in need of protection after an extensive reconditioning? Our custom installation style offers the best solution to protect your priceless vehicle. Leaning on the expertise of our craftsmen, our custom installation allows us to protect vehicles that may have extremely complex, large panels or simply require a certain finesse to ensure adequate and seamless coverage. From custom Chevy C10 Stepside pickups to widebody-kitted Lamborghinis, a custom install is the best solution to protect a vehicle unlike any other.

Us VS them section

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Protect What Matters Most

Protecting your vehicle doesn’t have to mean wrapping the entire thing in paint protection film, though that is the best option for those looking for the maximum preservation of their vehicle. Protecting what matters most means protecting high-impact areas. A full front end is what we might consider the minimum level of protection, but adding vulnerable areas will give you the best protection for miles to come:

  • Full front end
  • A-pillars
  • Rockers/skirts
  • Hips and flares
  • Rear impact zone

Ask us about our most commonly-selected protection packages or look below for more information on our most popular coverage options.


You’ve got PPF questions, let’s get them answered. Click here to find more commonly asked questions about PPF.

PPF stands for Paint Protection Film. This film is a virtually invisible, thin, yet durable film meant to protect your paint from chips, minor scuffs and scrapes, and other contaminants that may damage your paint.

We use XPEL paint protection films for all traditional protection installations, however we do also offer STEK fashion films for their unique Carbon Fiber and colored PPF films.

Yes. Xpel offers Stealth film which will retain the factory finish of your satin/matte paint. Furthermore, satin paints cannot be buffed or polished like traditional gloss paints and can be very difficult to paint match, lending more reason to protect your paint from scratches, swirls and other impacts.

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