Euro 1973 BMW 3.0CSi

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Built 47 years ago, this CSi only has just over 58,000 kilometers on the clock. This 1973 BMW 3.0CSi is a European-market example that reportedly was delivered to Paris, France and imported to the US in the 1980s. The car is finished in Baikal Blue, and the seller reports that the exterior was refinished and the interior refurbished in 2017. The interior features a tan leather and the seats are in impeccable condition with no tears or signs of major wear. Once in the driver’s seat you’ll be faced with a Momo Steering Wheel, the original is included also. Being a Euro-spec vehicle you will notice your instrument cluster, climate control, and radio reading in German. The straight-six starts right up and runs beautifully mated to the 4-speed manual transmission, and modifications include a custom air dam, yellow fog lights, extra sound-deadening material, and Bilstein suspension components. 

 Driving such a timeless classic makes you realize just how much the industry has changed and how fast it continues to change right now. Today, cars are so focused on protecting us, on giving us all the technology possible and none of the possible nuisance that you’re fundamentally missing the point entirely. It took driving this 1973 jewel on wheels for me to understand just how isolated we are from the whole experience.

-3.0L I6
-Avail 200hp when new
-4-Speed Manual Transmission
-58,296 Kilometers
-Exterior refinished, interior refurbished in 2017
-Alpina-style 14” FPS wheels
-Four-wheel disc brakes
-Bilstein shocks, aftermarket springs, adjustable sway bars

Transaction Terms: Sales performed in person at 49 E 3300 S South Salt Lake, Utah, or via FedEx and Docusign. A $1,000 non-refundable deposit must be processed at the time of the agreement. There are a few simple documents that need to be signed in ink or digitally via DocuSign. Payment can be made in the form of cashiers check, personal check, or wire transfer. The vehicle will not be released until payment for the vehicle is made in full, and the required documents have been signed. Please note that you are responsible for the sales tax in which state you register the vehicle. If in the state of Utah, Luxe Automotive Sales will collect state sales tax. Payment in full must be made within seven business days of the agreement. Luxe Automotive Sales reserves the right to sell the vehicle if these terms are not fulfilled within the stated time. ALL SALES ARE AS-IS AND FINAL.

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