Modesta Protective Coating Aftercare Instructions

Immediate care

All Modesta protective coatings require curing time after application. This curing process varies from coating to coating depending on where they are installed on a vehicle. In order to allow thorough curing, it is recommended that the vehicle not be washed for 48 hours following the installation.

Maintenance Products

Modesta protective coatings truly reward proper care and maintenance. Ensuring the proper use of Modesta’s complete line of care products will ensure the longevity of your coating. All Modesta paint coating installations include Modesta’s complete line of care products (M2 Blast, M3 Smoke and M4 Fire) at no additional cost to you. If you did not receive these care products or to order additional maintenance products, please contact us (maintenance products only provided following the installation of complete paint coating installations and are not intended for use on non-coated surfaces, glass or interiors). For information on and instructions for Modesta’s care products, please refer to your Modesta Maintenance Program pamphlet.

Regular Washing

  • Washing your vehicle regularly or when needed is critical in prolonging the life of your coating. Hand wash using a proper two or three-bucket wash system is recommended when washing your vehicle. We strongly urge against the use of touch car washes, as the contact of bristles, brushes, and other objects against the paint can cause extreme, irreversible damage. A monthly hand wash is the best practice to ensure your coating is regularly monitored and care products are used as needed.
  • When washing, it is important to avoid the use of any soaps that may have strong detergents or sealants, as they can alter or diminish the protective and water-shedding properties of your coating. No additional waxes or sealants are needed, as your Modesta protective coating is the ultimate sealant. Do not attempt to wax or seal your vehicle with additional products.
  • Many dealerships or other mechanic shops may offer to have your car washed upon completion of service. Many of these companies (even high-end dealerships) often use machine washes or improper washing techniques which can damage or alter your coating/paint surface. It is important to utilize the hang tag which was provided to you in your care package when leaving your vehicle with a dealer/mechanic or other service provider. If you did not receive your rearview mirror hang tag, please contact us.


Tune Up – In order to honor our labor warranty, LUXE requires all PPF installations to undergo a routine 2-week PPF checkup. This checkup allows our technicians to review the film and ensure thorough curing has been allowed and that the film has settled properly. To schedule your checkup, please contact us.