Paint Protection Film Aftercare Instructions

Moisture Pockets

It is common to see small pockets of moisture under the film typically up to 1 week following the installation. As the film is wet-applied, this moisture will gradually work its way out and settle on its own. Do not touch the moisture pockets by hand or with any tools as an attempt to remove the pockets. Any bubbles that may appear excessive in size should be mentioned to your Service Advisor at the time of discovery.

Silvering Edges

Film edges/seams may show some silvering (adhesive that may look silver/white) following the installation as the moisture works its way out to these edges of the film, this is natural and is something that will be taken care of during the 2-week checkup. Please contact us if edges are lifting excessively or have been lifted due to impact or another disturbance to ensure that they can be addressed as soon as feasible. Note that some moisture pockets and installation “work lines” may appear to be debris or defects in the film, these often cure out over the weeks following the installation.


Avoid washing your vehicle for the first week following the installation. As the film is still curing, these edges are more susceptible to lifting due to pressure or the injection of water. Rainy or wet conditions should not cause a problem for the film.


Tune Up – In order to honor our labor warranty, LUXE requires all PPF installations to undergo a routine 2-week PPF checkup. This checkup allows our technicians to review the film and ensure thorough curing has been allowed and that the film has settled properly. To schedule your checkup, please contact us.