Window Tint Aftercare Instructions

Immediate care

It is critical that windows are not rolled down during the first 2 to 3 days following installation in warm climate or up to 5 days in cold climate as it can ruin the film. Stickers should be present on your window switches as a reminder to not roll down windows. The stickers can be carefully removed once the 2 to 5 days have passed.

Moisture Pockets

Keep in mind that your window tint may have a hazy appearance or moisture bubbles for up to ten days after installation. These conditions will disappear once the moisture used to apply your tint dries up completely. Do not touch the moisture pockets by hand or with any tools as an attempt to remove the pockets. Any bubbles that may appear excessive in size should be mentioned to your Service Advisor at the time of discovery.


To clean your windows, use a microfiber towel slightly dampened with water. If necessary, mild, non-ammonia glass cleaners may also be used. Avoid cleaning the glass until curing is complete to ensure thorough curing is allowed without disturbance. All window tinting film is installed on the inside of your glass which allows for maximum durability.