Vinyl Wrap Aftercare Instructions

Immediate Care

Avoid washing your vehicle for the first week following the installation. As the film is still curing, these edges are more susceptible to lifting due to pressure or the injection of water. Rainy or wet conditions should not cause a problem for the film. Please notify us if you are seeing excessive lifting or bubbling in the film. Small moisture pockets are common and will evaporate over time.

Regular Washing

Hand wash using a proper two or three-bucket wash system is recommended when washing your vehicle. Automatic car washes are damaging to your vehicle’s exterior finish. Any abrasion to the vinyl can result in scratches and imperfections. Touchless car washes use high detergent based products to release debris, but will be less damaging than automatic washes if hand washing is not an option. For more information on washing and services available through LUXE Automotive, please contact us.


Tune Up – In order to honor our labor warranty, LUXE requires all vinyl installations to undergo a routine 2-week vinyl checkup. This checkup allows our technicians to review the film and ensure thorough curing has been allowed and that the film has settled properly. To schedule your checkup, please contact us.